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Brand Development

Logos, Icons, Brand Guidelines,
Brand Font Selections,
Color Palettes

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Print Design

Business Cards, Brochures, Posters, Rack Cards, Postcards, Invitations

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Digital Design

Website Mockups, Banner Ads
Digital Whitepapers, Social Media Video, Social Media Posts

Cori's work is top notch. She is professional, timely and has a distinct eye for our branding and marketing efforts. We have used her exclusively for our graphic design and branding needs for over a year and would highly recommend her to any business with similar needs to ours here at New England ABA.

Cori Stevens and Creative Solutions has been a game changer for us! With their thorough approach and accommodating services it was evident from the beginning that CS was our choice. Cori and Creative Solutions provided us with professional, thoughtful and creative resources to help us develop clear content and branding for our company. Whether your business is starting out or your company is looking to enhance/expand existing marketing efforts, Creative Solutions has the ability to support your business goals and drive results regardless of target audience or size.

I can’t say enough about Cori Stevens. She is amazing! She completely revamped our brand and took our business to the next level. We have had Cori redesign our business cards & service menus, social media images, and website images for beautiful and consistent branding. Cori designs all of our print advertising and marketing materials for events as well. She makes the process easy and efficient. She’s able to understand exactly what our marketing goals and messages are to deliver gorgeous products that fall within our budget and timeline. I highly recommend Cori and Creative Solutions for your marketing and branding needs.

I can't say enough about Cori Stevens and Creative Solutions. Cori has been handling my company's branding and advertising for the last year and has exceeded all expectations. From logo design and marketing materials to print and digital ads, Cori does it all (and quickly, efficiently and creatively, I might ad). Having Cori as part of my team (she really is part of the team at this point!) has taken a huge burden off of me -- I no longer feel the need (or stress) to design my own ads and marketing materials. I'm always excited to recommend Cori and Creative Solutions! It's always worth at least a conversation if you're looking to take your business to the next level.

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